Effectiveness: 6/10

It does not cause allergies: 8/10

Price: 5/10

Ingredients: 8/10

Overall rating: 6.8/10

Our expert reviews

Neulash is a quite popular nutrition served to strengthen not only the state of lashes, but also eyebrows. Like most supplements of this kind it should be applied once a day, preferably in the evening. The product is not as well known as Nanolash or Revitalash, since it can be purchased only in pharmacies. Despite this, it has a considerable popularity also because of the low price.

It is Ideal not only for people suffering from the eyelashes loss and their weakness, but also for those who have completed the process of the chemotherapy. According to our research, this supplement does not overload lashes excessively, does not weaken hair even more, which is the case of many other cosmetics of this kind.

The nutrients ingredients are designed not only for lashes nutrition, but also to stimulate their growth. Its effect is not the same for every person. The product should be used every day before going to sleep. It is necessary to use it regularly for the efficient result. Even though it is the cheapest out of all are in our ranking, you should know that for the price of the cosmetic the efficiency is low.

More than 80 % respondents noted an improvement in the condition of your lashes after using Nanolash. For Neulash, it is only 70 %. The effects are visible after longer time than with Nanolash. In case of Neulash, results should come after around two months. Over 70 % users of the cosmetic confirmed that it made their eyelashes longer and stopped them from falling out. The effect is not maintained for a long time.

This Cosmetic, you should put on every evening, after washing off makeup thoroughly. You should do this by using water as the nutrient can go into a chemical reaction with the make-up remover lotion. Prior to the application, remove your lens. You should put the eyelash conditioner at the root of eyelashes, with one brush stroke. Be careful of the conditioner entering the eye.

Comparing it to other cosmetics of this kind, Neulash ranks on an average level. This is not the lowest score cosmetic of this kind, but it’s worth considering whether it is better to spend a little bit more for the effectiveness or take a chance and being lured by the low price. Conditioner will surely not make our eyelashes look like curtains. To achieve any effect, be prepared for a long-term and regular use.

* The presented results and reviews are individual results. The achievement of such results by any person not guaranteed.

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