Eyelash extension – methods

There are plenty of eyelash extension methods. We can distinguish, among them, methods such as: 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 up to 8:1 Method, lower eyelash extension, Extreme, HD, Smart, Blink Go, Russian Style, Ultra Light Effect, Million Lashes Effect, Hollywood Effect, as well as, Nanolash eyelash conditioner beauty therapy.

Firstly, the easiest way to achieve the effect of beautiful and long eyelashes is the application of Nanolash eyelash conditioner. Why? This cosmetic works already after two or three weeks since the first application. It provides long-lasting and, what is most important, natural outcomes. Evidently, this is the reason why the conditioner is better than false eyelashes attachment. What is more, Nanolash conditioner strengthens, regenerates, thicknesses and lengthens eyelashes. The application occupies less time than a half of a minute, and the natural ingredients take care of the eyelid skin and the eye.

Secondly, the most popular method of eyelash extension is 1:1 Method. A beautician attaches single synthetic eyelash to the one natural. The complex treatment lasts approximately three hours, and during the treatment itself, the client can experience discomfort in a way of lacrimation and redness of the eyes. What is more, after this beauty treatment the client is forbidden to use a sauna or a swimming pool. Moreover, the restrictions include also application of waterproof and oily cosmetics.

Rubbing eyes is also banned. 2:1, 3:1 etc. Methods are, so called, volumizing methods due to which eyelashes become not only longer but also denser. As a consequence, eyes which undergo this kind of beauty treatment seem to be full, expressive and more charming. This method consists in attaching two, three etc. false eyelashes to the single natural one. Although, this kind of eyelash extension method may lead to make eyelashes loaded and, as a consequence, deteriorate their condition.
When it comes to the lower eyelash extension it appears that the method is quite specific. First of all, the treatment lasts approximately a half of an hour. The beautician selects the synthetic eyelashes, in such a way, to make them match with the short and thin lower eyelashes. The only condition which must be fulfilled, before the treatment is performed, is having the appropriate number of eyelashes and their regular distribution on the eyelid.

The other methods of eyelash extension differ considerably from 1:1 Method. For women, who are the owners of short eyelashes, feather eyelash extension method is recommended. During this beauty treatment, the beautician uses soft and light eyelashes made of mink’s fur. Due to this method, eyes gain natural look. When a client would like to have strongly marked eyes, she should have Extreme Method performed. The characteristic of this method is that, false eyelashes are made from mink’s fur and silk. When it comes to HD Method, it is the client who decides on the attached eyelashes number. The beautician is only to make the final outcome look natural, without achieving the unnecessary heavy eyelid effect. Additionally, Smart Method is destined for women who value comfort and lightness. For that reason, only one mink’s fur eyelash is attached to the one natural. Blink & Go Method, on the other hand, lasts only half an hour and consists in attaching disposable synthetic eyelashes.

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