How to lengthen eyelashes on one’s own?

If you are certain that you want to extend the eyelashes, obviously, it is necessary to buy adhesive and strip or individual fake eyelashes. Needless to say, that toy have to pick the adhesive which does not cause any allergic reactions. What is more, it should be colourless. It is worth knowing, that just at the beginning, right after the application, the adhesive is of white or black colour, and after the application, it turns colourless. Furthermore, it is advisable to paint a line with an eyeliner or an eye pencil on the upper eyed, just before attaching the strip of false eyelashes. Naturally, it is not compulsory, especially, when the strip is transparent. However, this line can guide you to the straight and flawless attachment of the false eyelashes. In this way, you add depth to our look and expressiveness to your eyelashes.

Next, when the line is painted on your eyelids, you have to cover eyelashes with a mascara. Be careful to do it without leaving the unattractive gobs of mascara on them. To avoid this kind of unwanted effect, you can separate the eyelashes with a special brush, nevertheless, you have to pay attention not to comb the mascara out. O.K., what is next? Out of the little box take the false eyelashes. Trim these, if necessary, starting from the outer side of the strip.

After that, mould the strip to make it match with the shape your eyes. In other words, you have to set false eyelashes’ length. It is worth remembering, false eyelashes should be attached in a 2 mm distance from the inner corner of the eye, as well as, the same distance should be left on the outer corner of the eye. What is more, the adhesive should be put in the left and right side of the strip only. Why? Because in these particular spots, the false eyelash strips usually become unstuck.

When the adhesive is put on the right spots, you have to wait a while till the glue becomes sticky, ductile and stretchy. Then, put the strip of the false eyelashes near to your natural eyelash line, and to be more precise, put the strip exactly where you have painted the black line, and press it a little bit. In a case of difficulties, aid yourself with tweezers.

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