Guidebook for women wanting to have long eyelashes.

How to get longer eyelashes? This question is asked by thousands of women all over the world. Unfortunately, only some of them are luckily enough to find a method to achieve the dream appearance of theirs. What is the method? Read the guidebook and learn how to get long eyelashes.

Method No. 1 – false eyelash attachment

One way of obtaining long eyelashes is the attachment of false eyelashes. This kind of a beauty treatment is offered by the beauty parlours in every city or town. What is the core of this method? First and foremost, it is extremely crucial to choose the beautician who is experienced and well-qualified. This is essential if we want to have the false eyelashes attached properly. In fact, this is the issue since the Internet is full of pictures containing badly-performed treatments, for example, wrongly-adjusted strips of eyelashes or glued natural eyelashes together with the individual false eyelashes (i.e. 1:1 Method). What is more, the beautician should be aware of the proper usage of the tweezers and adhesive. When we happen to notice that the beautician is using to much of glue or that her tweezers are dirty, it is advisable, to resign from the treatment immediately and never cross this beauty parlour again. Furthermore, the beautician should respect the rules of hygiene and safety. In other words, all the instruments must be sterile and of good quality and the workplace clean and prim. If you finally get into a decent beauty parlour, choose the appropriate parameters of the false eyelashes. You and your beautician should take into the account the following aspects: size, shape and curve of eyelashes. Next, you are asked to take a lay on the beauty bed to enable the beautician more convenient workplace. When you are lying comfortably the beautician starts to separate upper eyelashes from the lower with the special eyelash pads – these are usually soaked with vitamins and collagen. Evidently, several eyelash extension methods are identified. The most popular are 1:1, 2:1 etc. Method. One natural eyelash is decorated with one, two or more false eyelashes. Every few weeks it is necessary to get eyelashes redone by attaching, so called, infills. Unfortunately, not everyone is destined to take benefit from this beauty treatment. Those who are suffering form skin or eye diseases or those who are the owners of short and fragile eyelashes are not recommended to undergo this kind of eyelash extension method. What is more, after the treatment, you cannot use a sauna or a swimming pool. You are not also allowed to apply oily cosmetics on your eyes. To sum up, to have long eyelashes in a three-hour time, you can have an appointment at the beauty parlour and get your eyelashes extended with strip eyelashes, individual eyelashes or tufts of false eyelashes. Yet, do not forget about the contraindications.

Method No. 2 – vitamins and oils

The second method is strictly connected with your lifestyle, diet and everyday care. Long eyelashes can be achieved by eating healthy, taking vitamins and using oils. The condition of eyelashes is influenced by the vitamins and minerals contained in, for example, vegetables and fruits. It is better when consumed these in raw and unprocessed form. Quite important factor is also the water and the amount of it drunken during a day. The hydration of an organism enhance not only complexion and skin appearance but also influences hair, obviously including eyelashes. Due to the hydration, the concentration of hyaluronic acid and minerals is increased. In the way of achieving long eyelashes do not forget about stress, alcohol and contact with harmful substances reduction. Fairly intriguing, yet not always effective, method of achieving long eyelashes is the use of argan or castor oil. It is a fact, that some women do see the difference in the length of their eyelashes. Nevertheless, the evidence show that oils only moisturize, regenerate and nourish eyelashes.

Method No. 3 – Eyelash serum

Yet another method of making our eyelashes longer is the regular application of Nanolash eyelash conditioner. This cosmetic comprises of natural ingredients and active substances which have got extremely positive influence on eyelash condition. The list of great benefits provided by Nanolash is long. It helps in stimulating new eyelashes to grow, obtaining long eyelashes, doubling the volume and regenerating fragile and damaged eyelashes, to name just a few. Nanolash also has a soothing effect on eyes and eye skin area. What is more, Nanolash eyelash conditioner produces immediate effects. After several dozen of days since the first application the lengthening, strengthening, moisturizing and volumizing of eyelashes is easily noticeable. The ultimate results are achieved after two or three months. Furthermore, the application of Nanolash is a child’s play. With the usage of a brush, paint a line in the upper and lower eyelid just on the follicles line. All that remains is waiting for the results to appear.

Method No. 4 – eyelash curlers and mascaras

There is another method of obtaining longer eyelashes. You can use eyelash curlers, eyelash rollers and special mascaras. Traditional or heated eyelash curlers and rollers, make the eyelashes curved and more lifted, and at the same time, lengthen these and make them look as if they were actually longer. The similar effect have got eyelash rollers. The heat solidify eyelash curl and enables the curl to last long. Nevertheless, do not forget that ordinary eyelash curlers can lead to eyelash deterioration, which in turn, can result in eyelash falling out and fracture. What is more, heated curlers unduly dry eyelashes or make water and keratin evaporated. These are the natural building materials of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It goes without saying that mascara usage enables to obtain longer eyelashes. The special formula and the ingredients lengthen and curve eyelashes. In both cases these are only temporary changes. Both eyelash curlers or mascaras make eyelashes longer only optically. In reality, eyelashes stay of the same length and thickness as they are from the nature.

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