M2 Lashes

Effectiveness: 7/10

It does not cause allergies: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Ingredients: 6/10

Overall rating: 7.3/10

Our expert reviews

This eyelash conditioner beats true record of popularity in the United States, where it was developed. Its immediate objective is to restore the vitality of your eyelashes. Many ladies complain of eyelashes weakness, after everyday use mascaras and other cosmetics.

M2 Lashes due to the presence of natural ingredients makes lashes longer and thickens then considerably. The cosmetics advantage is that it can also be used after surgical eyelash extension, which could affect their excessive load. The product does not affect the glue that is used to this kind of the treatment. The product can be purchased at many online stores and few drugstores.

70% of our testers have claimed that the conditioner was very effective. Unfortunately, for many of them during the first few weeks of use, eyelids were sore and eyes were red. Several people were forced to stop testing the product as the irritation of their eyes was so strong that it hindered daily activities. The product is very expensive, although its effectiveness is comparable to Nanolash which is considerably cheaper.

Before we make such a big expense, we should check whether the eyelash conditioner could trigger a strong allergy. The product should be used daily, which can be a bit tedious. It is also necessary to be in compliance with the prescribed amount of the application during the day, in order not to cause an allergic reaction.

Use the product once a day, preferably before having the evening rest. This is very important, because the ingredients penetrate into deeper skin layers over the night faster. Prior to the application, wash the makeup thoroughly and remove lens from your eyes. We apply the cosmetic with a brush along the lash line so that the cosmetic does not get into the eye.It should be used for about 3 months

The product is very popular despite its price. It is worth noticing that his effectiveness is the same as of a nutrient – Nanolash which price is much lower. It should be well consider whether it is worth to overpay to obtain the same effect. According to our testers, the cosmetic achieved results after different amount of time, so it is impossible to determine whether the results will be visible after three weeks or not.

According to our experts and testers, the cosmetic is effective even though its price may scare many customers. A significant number of respondents have claimed that they would purchase the product with pleasure for a lower price.

* The presented results and reviews are individual results. The achievement of such results by any person not guaranteed.

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